Left Side Back Pain Under Ribs

My husband often refer me as hypochondriac for thinking too much about the pains I felt on my body.  He said I am being over exaggerated in everything as if a fast cd duplication for being exaggerated, according to wikipedia hypochondria refers to excessive preoccupancy or worry about having a serious illness.

The other night after eating rice, egg with garlic sauce I felt pain on my left side under my rib cage. I was so worried so I drink plenty of water thinking it was my kidney, and I eat too much salt again or didn’t drink enough plenty of water.  I search online about the reason of the pain and it feels me more worried about my condition.

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Until we go to bed I can still the pain on my left side, then suddenly I burped and I felt a little better. Remembering what I have read online that one of the main cause of pain in the left side under the rib cage is gastrointestinal problems, I keep burping the gas out of me until it became unbearable I have to run in the bathroom to throw up, it was all acid. After throwing up and burping many times the pain was gone and I sleep comfortably that night.

According to what I have read if you have gastrointestinal problems the left side pain under ribs and nausea are some of the common symptoms. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a major reason behind back pain across all age groups, heart burn and vomiting are some of the accompanying symptoms of left side pain under ribs after eating.

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  1. sometimes, i can feel that pain too, i guess rest is really needed and lots of water.

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