Lose Weight With These 4 Delicious Foods

You’ve probably heard that it’s not good to deprive yourself when you’re dieting, but nobody assumes that cookies, chips and pizza are a good addition to a weight loss diet. Think again – these junk foods can actually help you get trim.

1. Lay’s Oven Baked Chips

Baked chips don’t use oil, which means they’re less fat-packed. Grab one-ounce bags of Lay’s and treat yourself to them weekly. Baked chips are also better for you than reduced fat chips, which are usually filled with some not-so-great ingredients.

Newman-O’s by Newman’s Own2. Newman-O’s by Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own’s version of Oreos is pretty spot-on. You’ll notice the difference at first, but after a few nibbles, you’ll completely forget that you’re not eating a true Oreo. Limit your snacking to two per sitting and indulge a few times a week.

3. Pretzel M&M’s by Mars

Need something to snack on in the movie theater? Who doesn’t love chocolate-covered pretzels?! Since the inside of the candy is filled with pretzel, you don’t get as much sugar as you would in a regular M&M.

4. Wrigley Life Savers Gummies

Fruity candy chews are pretty delicious and Life Savers’ version is the healthiest because they’re free of the additives you find in other gummy treats.

Losing weight requires discipline, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever treat yourself to your favorite foods. Eat the foods you love in moderation for long-lasting weight loss and use a healthy water enhancer, too!

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