Majority Cause of Lower back pain

Lower back pain  is a common  among older people but when you’re still young and suffering from it maybe you injured your back,  if you have not heard it yet lower back pain is  musculoskeletal disorder affecting 80% of people at some point in their lives. I guess I should consult someone who has a degree via may be good at helping me to figure out what the cause of my back problems is.

I am going to admit I have back pain it all started when I injured my back from working out (gym) my husband says once you broke/injure your back it is for a lifetime. I don’t wanna believed him but it seems he is right my back pain is on and off, there are times it disturbs me especially when I am sitting in the floor.

The pain makes me not feel well these past few days, I just makes myself busy by eating potato chips and ice cream and it added bad feeling to me. I feel like I am pigging-out, in few days I gained one kilo., lol

The  the majority cause of lower back pain according to what I have read is it  stems from benign musculoskeletal problems, and are referred to as non specific low back pain; this type may be due to muscle or soft tissues sprain or strain,particularly in instances where pain arose suddenly during physical loading of the back, with the pain lateral to the spine. Over 99% of back pain instances fall within this category.

I guess I strained my back using the machine work-out. Huhuhu

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