Mole Removal

One of my classmate had her mole removed through operation. Her mole was below of her left eye, she decided to have it removed because it was already big and she felt blinded with it.

I have watched somehow on TV show that the sap of cashew is powerful method to removed moles but of course it doesn’t literally mean just the sap of a cashew, for sure the ointment undergone a lot of process it just happened that there’s  mixture of cashew sap.

I have read somewhere online that you can do mole removal at home either by using cream ingredients but it says it is very risky because there are type of skin which are allergic,  apple cider vinegar  was also said to remove moles all you have to do is dip a piece of cotton and place it directly to your mole, or put garlic on to your mole every night.

But I guess  this procedures are too risky, painful and scary as well so it is much better to consult a real doctor than experimenting at home because I have heard there are moles that are cancerous.

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