My Arms and Lifting Weights

As yesterday was holiday in Korea, the gym was also closed. Today I thought we are going to the gym but when I asked my husband he replied we are not going which gives me more time to relax. Honestly I don’t like our new sets of exercises or reps, it is quite long and complicated for me.

My plan of not lifting weights anymore didn’t materialized my husband didn’t approved my decision of just doing cardio because nobody will spot him when he needs a spotter. So instead of being happy going to the gym I felt depressed because instead of losing weight I keep gaining weight and big arms. I blamed it on weight lifting but my husband says I should blame it on me for not eating properly like eating too much carbohydrates and eating twice a day only.

Anyway as a spotter my job is to spot my husband when the weights are too heavy, or attached the turnbuckles into a cable when we are going to the triceps exercises, there are triceps exercises that I can’t do like the cross cable, I am not that strong to cross the cable together.

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