My journey of losing weight

Just one day I wake up I am already 56 kilos since then I am bothered with my weight. As I love to loss weight I started my journey about three weeks ago with 55.9 kilos, I am tracking my weight every Tuesday of the week.  I started to eat small portion of rice than usual and be serious in working out in the gym. If before I just went to the gym to fool around, right now I make sure I perspire even a little. On my second week of tracking my weight I loss about .5 kilos so I weight about 55.4 kilos and just today as I had no chance of weighing myself yesterday as we do some hiking at Seoraksan , I am 55.1 kilos.


Aside from eating less carbohydrates, I don’t eat chocolates and ice cream frequently not like those old times I usually have chocolates evidence is my chocolate container.  Hopefully my journey in losing weight will continue I wish to be 45-47 kilos again.

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  1. kayce says:

    hi sissy! musta ka na? its been a long time 🙂

    anyway sis, ask ko lang how much ba charge mo magpapa blog make over? i saw sis mona’s blog kasi and she said na gawa mo raw yung new blog layout nya 🙂

    • adminryanne says:

      Hi sis, thanks for dropping by I am doing fine hope you are too. BTW, free lang yon sa friends ko gusto mo ba magpamake-over ng template? As of now eh blogger pa lang iniexplore ko, sa WP kasi medyo complicated walang practisan so talagang ang mismong blog ang pagppractisan mo. If you like a makeover, sabihin mo lang if anong kulay gusto mo free yon. 🙂

  2. Shy says:

    I also have problem about my weight I gained 10 kls since I was pregnant and now I stil need to lose weight but it is difficult since I do breastfeeding. Good luck to your plan. hope you get what you desire for.

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