On Drinking Too Much Coffee

These past few days I have been addicted on drinking coffee. My day is incomplete without drinking coffee, I feel hungry for it though it should be thirsty for it. So there are days that I am drinking two or three cups of coffee a day, after drinking coffee I have no desire to eat food anymore as I already became busy on front of my laptop.

The disadvantages though I can’t sleep at night when I drink too much coffee especially when I drink coffee before I sleep. I am trying to avoid drinking coffee before I sleep because it causes headache when I can’t sleep.

[Image source: anaesthesiacases.com.au]

Drinking coffee has advantages and disadvantages, as what I have found out coffee has antioxidant effect that can effectively removed the free radicals and delay our aging, it can help lose weight, promote urination and eliminate edema  but it can also  interfere with the absorption of minerals by the body like calcium and coffee can also leave discomfort  in our stomach because it promotes gastric secretion and increase the gastric acid. It can also lead to insomnia and dehydration.

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