Our Juice Fasting ended Yesterday

Yesterday was the last day of our juice fasting which is my most awaited time  as we can eat normal food in the next few days.  We are still going to drink  juice but  today  we started to introduce solid foods into our stomach by eating fruits. We can’t just eat anything  we like because our stomach is still sensitive,  I ate half of an apple and  orange this late afternoon.  I have cut the apple into tiny slices  and chewed it well because I have learned my lesson already when I cheated on our second day of juice fasting by munching 1/4 slice of an apple, I had a stomach cramps as if the apple  is touching the lining of my intestines.

Anyway early tonight we shopped in Lotte Super for both fruits  and vegetables. We also bought the items we need to make a soup. When we arrived home we started making a soup as it is part of our one week soft diet. Then hopefully on Friday we can eat normal foods, I am already craving for Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits.

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