A Convenient Scan

An MRI is a scan often ordered by a doctor when blood tests and x-rays fail to detect a condition in the body. The scan can be done in a hospital or an office that specializes in MRIs. There are closed machines, but when someone is unable to access the machine for any number of reasons, an open MRI is an option.

The open machine has a large ring that circles around the patient as the patient lays on a table. The scan will detect the same things as the closed machine, but there are a few advantages present that a closed machine doesn’t have. Since some patients have to spend an extended period of time in the MRI, the space could feel smaller than it really is, triggering anxiety or a feeling of panic for some. The open machine is a benefit for those who experience claustrophobia as there isn’t an enclosed tube.

Patients who are obese will find that an open machine is a better option than the enclosed tube. There is more room for the obese patient to fit comfortably, making it easier for doctors to get the necessary scans. There are reasons as to why children need an MRI. The doctor could want to look at the brain in order to see the waves when diagnosing epilepsy or other conditions. A scan could also be needed to determine if there is anything wrong with the appendix. Some children might want to have a parent while getting the scan completed. The open machine allows room for one parent to lay on the table with the child if the child is small or to stand beside the child. There is also room for an IV stand to be beside the table instead of the tubing being disconnected from the patient.

An open machine also has benefits for hospital or office. There is a lower maintenance cost as the machine is smaller. There will likely be an increase in the number of people who are able to get an MRI since there won’t be as many restrictions on those who can get the scan.

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Ring Worm Causes and Home Treatment

With the rainy season, a lot of bugs, insects and ants in the field moved to a dry place so it is not surprising to see crawling ants in the corner of your house and get insect bites. I have previously blogged buying a cream to alleviate itchiness brought by insect bites. It was very helpful to avoid scratching and such.

The first time I felt something itchy in my leg 3-4 inches from my sole, I saw a small pimple in it that looks like an ant bite, I started putting cream on it but I have noticed the itchiness gone and keeps coming back until a group of three pimple marks developed. I scratched it from time to time and no matter how many times I put a cream it keeps coming back maybe because I always have my feet dirty when I am outside. One day, I felt uneasy that I keep scratching it, the old red pimple marks was gone but a new itchy red marks grow and when I looked at it closely I noticed something strange after thorough scratching, the red mark is forming like a circle.


[Image source: simple-health-secrets.com]

When I showed it to my sister and mother they said it is “buni” an allergy you get from eating too much chicken, they told me to avoid eating something fishy like sea foods, chicken and eggs.  So for few days I have avoided eating those things, they said I need it to be measured by going to a quack doctor then I will be given a medication.

To avoid the hassle of going to a quack doctor I have searched online for home medication,  I have found out the cause of this is fungi,  yes it was a fungal infection and not chicken allergy like the belief of the old folks.

Ring worm is caused by fungal infection in the skin and can be acquired through dump places like the bathroom and from people having this type of infection; it can also be acquired through pets like dog and cat. I have first thought I have got it from staying outside, in our outdoor faucet where I always soak my pet when washing dirty rags and our pet bowls especially it has been raining lately, and flooding but then I remember every time I sleep at night it was my habit to put a cushion in my feet and when I wake up in the morning a cat is sleeping in the cushion at my feet so I have thought I’ve got it from them.

Anyway, the medication that is useful for this type of fungal infection were coconut oil, turmeric, garlic and etc.,

Calmoseptine cream was also good for fungal infection as written in the packaging, since I have started putting cream in the infection in my leg it alleviate the itchiness and redness, but since it still occasionally itch and I have found more alternative medicine for it, I have tried it in different days. I first tried garlic, by cutting it in half and rub it through the mark, then the next day I tried rubbing salicylic acid which is a bit painful but surely the itchiness stops and faded a little. To take care of the skin and have the mark to disappear completely we cooked coconut milk to make coconut oil as a new alternative medicine.

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Finding a Good Dentist for Your Oral Hygiene

Having good oral hygiene is not only good for your teeth, it has also been linked to having healthier organs and overall good health. Even if your brush and floss regularly, you should go to a dentist regularly for a cleaning and a checkup. However, finding a good dentist can sometimes be a major chore. Some dentists are not as skilled as others. There are also certain dentists who do not work well with children. A dentist should be able to calm children in what could be a traumatic experience for them. Here is how to find a good dentist.

1. Ask some of the people in your life

Friends and family members should be able to guide you in the right direction as far as a dentist is concerned. Ask these people how long they have been going to their current dentist. Are they totally happy with the quality of the work he or she has done. How much does the dentist charge? Are they friendly and comforting to children? Are they skilled in many different procedures? Ask many people about their dentist. Since every person goes to a dentist occasionally, you should be able to compile a decent list of potential candidates.

Dental Hygienist

[Image courtesy of Erik Christensen/Wikipedia.org]

2. The Internet

If you are looking for a Brooklyn dentist, you will be able to find a good one at http://parkslopedentist.net/. Needless to say, the Internet is chock for of dentists and their websites. Nowadays, these sites are more advanced than they have ever been before. You can watch videos which tell a lot about what a specific dentist has to offer. You will be able to gather important data that will be useful in the future while you are still vetting various dentists.

3. Review websites

The Internet is loaded with a ton of sites that provide a wide range of reviews for various professionals. You will have no problems finding reviews of many dentists in your area. These reviews are posted by people who have received treatment from the dentist in question. They will talk about the quality of care the dentist provided, as well as how friendly he or she was. They will also discuss any problems they experienced, and what the dentist did to remedy the situation. This information can be very valuable in helping you to avoid a dentist that could be a problem, while also informing you about dentists that are skilled and personable.

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A Closer Look at the Waismann Rapid Detoxification Method

Those who are struggling with drug addiction don’t need to be told about its dangers; they’re already experiencing them first hand. If you count yourself among this group, you know all too well that the biggest obstacle in overcoming your drug dependence isn’t necessarily securing the will to quit. Rather, it’s being able to overcome the physical and psychological pull that substance abuse has over you.

For many, the task of beating their addictions is far too great for them to handle on their own. Fortunately, you’re not without clinical treatment options to help ease the process along. Rapid opiate detoxification has been proven successful in allowing addicts to quickly break down the physical barriers imposed by their substance abuse.

Overcoming the Challenges of Immediate Drug Withdrawal

The process works by triggering an episode of withdrawal. Yet without an effective treatment method, the physical manifestations of withdrawal often prove to be too difficult to endure. The Waismann Method, however, was designed to put you in best position to be able to successfully handle the biological aftereffects of rapid detox.

The effectiveness of the Waismann Method lies in its recognition that no two cases of addiction are the same. Depending upon the severity of your opiate dependency, you can see varying degrees of effect to the following bodily functions:

  • Your heart rate
  • Your kidney function
  • Your blood pressure

Even your metabolism is affected. Thus, prior to any detoxification treatment using the Waismann Method, you’re given a full diagnostic evaluation in order to personalize the strength and dosage of the medication used. Once your optimal treatment conditions have been determined, you’re placed under moderate sedation before being given the detoxification drugs intravenously. This allows you to sleep through the first stages of your withdrawal. After you’ve awaken, the most severe physical effects of the withdrawal will have passed, improving your chances of being able to work completely through the episode without relapse.

Your addiction can lead you down a road from which few fully return. Your success in being able to overcome it lies in your ability to obtain the appropriate assistance at the right time. Through clinical intervention such as the rapid opiate detoxification offered through the Waismann Method Detox Center, you can conquer the physiological effects of your addiction both safely and effectively.

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Calmoseptine Cream for Insect Bites

It is already rainy season in the Philippines and in regards with this, mosquitoes and ants are getting out of hand.  We are been suffering from ant bites, those type of ants that are too small and can be carried by the wind because of their light weight.

Cream for Insect Bites

Scratching is not really a good idea, so I have search online for best cream for insect bites. I have known that Fenistil is proven good but I am not sure if it is available in the country since I bought this cream in Europe when we are travelling and got beaten by bed bugs from one of the hotels we stayed in.

Anyway I have found few suggestions online but they are expensive, and that’s where I have found out about Calmoseptine being available in sachet for almost a dollar.  Calmoseptine cream can be bought in any Mercury drug stores, the cream temporarily relieves discomfort and itching from insect bites, rashes, cuts, scrapes, diaper rash, minor burns, chapping, itching, fungal infection and many more.

The cream is just right what we need, it avoids us from scratching all over and making the ant bites to get worse.

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