Polysaccharide Iron Complex for Anemic

As I look to my arms yesterday, I was shocked, surprised or whatever. Just the other day in the gym I feel so proud with my white skin, I even told my husband how my skin looks like because I am really so dark after our vacation in Bangladesh.So feeling confused I look at the mirror and I am really dark than the other day I didn’t go out aside from I bought an Iron supplements and its already late in the afternoon that time and there’ s no sun plus I didn’t take longer in the street.

So I asked Pookie bear too look at me and inspect my skin color and he also agreed I am little darker than the other day. After it I laughed, darn I thought I am already in white complexion and the whitening lotion really works but guess what I am just anemic, I am not really in white complexion I am just lack of blood.

Pookie bear laughed at me when he heard  my thoughts about using whitening lotion, he asked me if I really believed that my lotion will makes me white. I told him instead that the iron supplement works because I have blood now what I mean my blood is circulating well. As I inspect my hands too I was surprised that my palm is not that dark anymore like there’s bruises, he laughed again to me and asked me if what do I think the iron supplements I bought works like magic when I just took it for one day, I corrected him two days. He still laughed but I let him laugh at least I improved a little or I see improvements to myself.

For your own information Iron plays an important role in taking oxygen and transporting it to where it is needed in the body. Iron is taken into the red blood cells and made into hemoglobin. Hemoglobin actually carries the oxygen around in the body.

I have found out when you are taking iron supplements it really gives a tanning effect and when you are taking this supplement don’t take it with dairy products or antacids, last night I had a cup of coffee with milk and after few minutes I had a severe headache, I don’t know if it is related or not.

Anyway here are the side effects as listed below:


  • heartburn
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • black stools


  • stomach pain or cramping
  • bloody stools

This supplement must be taken under doctor’s supervision but I take it so I am a bit worried, Pookie bear says it is not harmful as long as I am not going to overdosed myself and it is just a supplement. For more information read more about this supplements here.

Anyway girls better check-out if you’re really having light complexion using whitening lotion or maybe you are already anemic without your knowing.

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8 Responses to “Polysaccharide Iron Complex for Anemic”

  1. I’ve never heard of iron supplements colouring your skin. I’ve taken them during pregnancy and before/after surgery. However, I’ve always taken them under a doctor or midwife’s supervision. It’s actually not a good idea to take iron supplements unless you actually need them.

    They definitely can give you heartburn, but not because you had them with dairy. It’s more likely that you didn’t have enough food in your stomach. Iron supplements are harsh on your stomach, and must be taken with food.

    Light skin alone doesn’t mean that you’re anemic or need iron. I have always had extremely pale skin, but my iron is not always low. When I’m anemic, I’m exhausted all the time. I fall asleep in the middle of the day and don’t have the energy to take even short walks. It’s an exhaustion that makes you want to sleep all day and night.

    If the supplements say to only take them under a doctor’s care, then there’s a good reason for that. Iron supplements CAN make you very ill if you don’t need them.

    • adminryanne says:

      Thanks for the pointers, actually I did take it alone because I have a pale skin. My feet and hands are always cold even it is warm, I always feel tired and weak (posted on my other blog).

      I have also dark circles around my eyes and irregular period, way back then a nurse already told me I am low in Iron she handed one tablet of ferrous sulfate to my mother but due to money constraints we didn’t buy any supplements, I just keep eating Malunggay leaves (Moringa oleifera) but since there’s no Moringa here and I seldom eat vegetables my diet is not balance.

      I just read it online there’s a tanning effect, I don’t know it actually I just research about the effects of polysaccharide iron complex. 🙂

      • Just be careful. Iron supplements CAN make you very ill if you take too much. I guess you don’t live in a country with universal health care? A doctor could test your blood to see just how low your iron is and to rule out other problems.

        I don’t know if you eat oatmeal in your country, but a bowl of old-fashioned oatmeal with raisins is VERY high in iron. When the iron pills started to make me sick, that’s what my midwife had me eat, and it lifted my iron up enough that I didn’t have to go in the hospital. Beef is good, too – far better than any other meat. So is spinach and other dark greens. Beans and dried fruit are good, too.

        • adminryanne says:

          Yes I will thanks. I have researched about Iron overload so I am now aware of the effects of too much iron in the body and I don’t want to be sick more. 🙁 I came from Philippines where nothing is free, joke what I mean with low health care and some corrupt officials so we can’t expect anything because mostly small health center’s has no free medicine on their cabinet. My husband says in your country you really don’t need an insurance to have a health care, he is also a Canadian.

          I think there’s oatmeal in our country but people are not used too because we usually eat rice everyday, I just don’t know here because the last time we checked we can’t find the oatmeal my husband want for his diet.

          Thank you so much for the help and information. I am feeling better now than before, my hands and feet are not that cold anymore not like the past few weeks which is everyday, I also have energy to do things around (hehe). Hope you are also doing great and thank you once again, wish you good health. 🙂

          • You’re making me very happy to be Canadian. Yes, what your husband said – everyone in Canada can see a doctor or go to the hospital. A bum living on the street can walk into a hospital and get the same care as anyone else.

            I’m glad that you researched iron overload. Thanks for the visit to my blog. I hope you find it interesting, even if a lot of it is probably not relevant. I found you through Adgitize, by the way.

  2. adminryanne says:

    Well hopefully someday I will be (lol), Living in Canada is very far different in the Philippines because most of the time “money talks”, as what I know in our country you can’t enter other private hospital if you have no money for down payment, so maybe even if you are already dying “money first” or else “sorry”. Well anyway I just heard, read and watched it no first hand experienced.

    Yeah, I researched about the iron supplements the need of our body, the side effects and etc. like the way I researched the cause of my cold hands and feet, sometimes I think much better if I took nursing course because I can prescribed medicine for myself (joke).

    Actually I cannot read what is written at the box of the supplements I bought so I look for the same product online but I can’t find any so I ended up reading about the importance and side effects of polysaccharide iron complex. I even questioned my husband for asking me to buy it when I have found out I need a doctor’s advice so I can take it. He said if I am worried of being overdosed just take it twice a day (lol).

    No problem, your blog is far better than mine because the title of my blog says it all “Gibberish and Mumbling Thoughts” your blog is very informative and interesting to read. ^_^

    Thank you very much and nice too meet you here in blogosphere!

    • I think it’s a delightful title, to be honest. My blog is all about being prepared for a world in which we have fewer resources. Since you live in a country that has fewer resources than Canada, I would love your input! 😀

      If you’re certain that you’re anemic, by the way, the next and VERY serious question is “Why?” Healthy, normal women are generally not anemic.

      I feel very sad that anyone would be denied health care.

      • adminryanne says:

        Thanks, maybe because I am not eating a balance diet plus I sleep late and oh well I don’t know else aside from that two factor, haha. That’s how it works sometimes ^_^

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