When I went to the nearby pharmacy I handed my prescription to the sales clerk and after few minutes of waiting as there are other customers I got the prescribed medicine from the dentist. I have asked for the prescription paper but the sales clerk says no when I went home I have told my husband about it and he says it was just right because other people can used the same prescription again and again just to buy drugs that could lead to addiction, my husband also added if I need more medicine I have to ask for another prescription to a doctor or the doctor will put a note in the prescription or  medicine bottle that I need  a refill for it.

You know I am just surprised because in my country if I am not mistaken the prescription was handed back to us or  maybe because we need to buy more but  I am not that sure with single prescription because I seldom went to pharmacy with prescription paper. Lol! Anyway antibiotic and pain reliever needs prescription here while in our country we can just buy it over the counter with this it was just shown how poor our country was on health regulation.

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