Protect Your Patients and Staff with the Right Supplies and Equipment

As the manager or office administrator of a medical facility, you know that having the right items on hand ensures the healthy and safety of all your patients. Those tools stop nurses from dispensing medications to the wrong patients, help doctors provide the exams that patients need and even help patients feel more comfortable while in the exam rooms. There are a large number of medical office supplies that you need to keep on hand to deal with both routine exams and emergency appointments.

Emergency Care Supplies

Some of the supplies your office needs are those designed for use in emergency care situations. You never know when a patient might wander in and need treatment right away. These supplies generally include gauze, bandages, closures, medical tape, dressings and sponges. Doctors can use bandages and closures to wrap a wound after treating the wound, and they can cover more severe wounds with dressings and medical tape. Your office may also need irrigation supplies. Medical professionals use irrigation supplies to irrigate a wound and flush out any debris that can prevent the wound from healing. Some offices also need supplies for stitching wounds and removing stitches later.

Medical Office Supplies

For Exam Rooms

The most important part of any medical office is the exam room. This is where patients will speak with doctors and nurses regarding their injuries and where doctors examine and treat patients. You typically need stools where professionals can sit and carts that let them transport supplies from one room to the next. Exam room paper lets nurses change the paper that patients lay on to prevent the spread of diseases. Other supplies you may need for your exam rooms include tongue depressors, exam lights, specimen jars, paper cups for dispensing medications and blood pressure cuffs.

Protecting Employees

Employees working in medical offices expose themselves to diseases, viruses and germs every day. Protecting those workers keeps them healthy and ensures they are ready to work every day of the week. Both doctors and nurses need scrubs that they can easily change in and out of after a day at work, but they can also wear disposable masks and gowns when working with different patients. Those professionals may also wear disposable shoe covers as well.

Protecting your patients and the staff working at your medical office is easier when you buy all the right supplies for your facility.

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