Raspberry Ketone Diet

I have weigh myself today and I am very disappointed to know that I gained weight in just few weeks.  I think I should blame this on eating too much sweets and chocolates these past few days. I have thought of juice fasting again to lose weight but I have to wait until summer to make it possible.

Anyway as I am browsing online I have found about Raspberry Ketone Diet, where it uses a natural ingredient found in raspberries, a natural phenolic compound that is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries which is known as Raspberry Ketone, and its discovery has led to the conclusion that the berry may help lead to weight loss, the Raspberry Ketone enzyme helps to control weight loss and weight gain.

According to what I have read the Raspberry Ketone compound directly interacts with the fat cells in the body which is shown to promote fat burning and weight loss, well I guess this diet is worth trying if you ample supply of raspberries at home.

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