Scar Remover

When I am still a kid I am not really particular with wounds and scars,  most of my scars can be found on my knees because I am unsteady or weak that I always fell in the ground when I am running with friends and playmates. I became conscious with scars when I joined Drum and Boggle Corps on my grade school.

I have wished that there’s magic ointment that can erased the scar on my right knee. Until I have heard one cream that can help me on my plea. I tried it, the result is not too bad. The scar on my right knee became unnoticeable unless you are going to look at it closely. Using it won’t really erased and removed the scar it well just help to flatten the scar and blend it with your skin color.

Anyway the scar remover I have used is  no other than Sebo de Macho, it was a well known scar remover in our country and most of the girls of my age has a container of it.

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