Sexy Abs

I am so thankful that we have no gym schedule today after being on the gym for three consecutive days due to the gym was closed when it is holiday here.

I feel so tired and currently I am just resting because I think injured my back when I used the abdominal machine, back extension and the oblique machine. I don’t know which machine injured me and bring a lot of pain because I also work out with my legs that day, I did some front squats, lunges and leg press too. Then after it I used the thread mill for almost thirty minutes, I just keep on walking when I feel tired of running.

Why I am doing all of this? Well like others I am also wishing a flat stomach, sexy body and if got lucky 12 pack abs will be a big bonus. I know too much exercise is not enough if I keep eating unbalance diet, I cannot quit eating sweets like chocolates and ice cream, I also know I need more protein but I can’t say no to carbohydrates.

So as of right now I am experiencing the consequences of my fault, maybe next time I will carefully used the abdominal machine and back extension.

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