Sharp pain on my upper abdomen

My stomach feel bloated and constipated since last weekend and it makes me sick.  There’s  a sharp pain on my upper abdomen and I felt very stressed  thinking what was it. Especially it felt like I gain weight, my husband told me to go with him yesterday in the hospital, he went for  medical check-up as prescribed by the school.

I didn’t go with him despite his invitation because I am scared, few days ago I started to change my diet. I ate more vegetables, less rice, drink lot of water and a lot of liquid yoghurt, I also slowly stopped eating processed food I am thinking  that my diet cause the pain in my stomach but nothing has changed I still be disturbed by the sharp pain, my rounded stomach and  the feeling that I feel I have a lot of gas but I can’t fart.

Yesterday I bought yoghurt aside from the liquid one, when we are preparing to sleep I started yawning and I feel relieved and lighter so I keep exhaling air out of my body. When I touched my stomach it feels smaller and I feel thinner so I continue exhaling and then I remember that last weekend while we are walking from the bakery I inhaled a lot of air  to gasp fresh air but didn’t exhale air afterwards.

Right now the fullness feeling is gone and my stomach is back to normal size but I still occasionally feel a sharp pain in my upper abdomen, maybe I still have air in my stomach or I just pressed my stomach so hard these past few days. I am hoping this pain will go away soon and there’s nothing serious.

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