Side Effects of Too Much Salt Intake

I felt so sick yesterday that I feel bloated and numb. It all started after I ate my dinner, I had scrambled eggs and rice which is not a big deal if I didn’t  used and pour a lot of salt in my scrambled eggs. I felt pain in my left part of my waist I know it is from too much salt intake so I drink a lot of water and drink two glass of milk to ease the pain.

Photo not Mine

Salt is primarily composed of sodium chloride which are needed in maintaining body fluid  in our body for normal body functions but too much salt intake is not healthy at all, exceeding above or below the salt intake  can alter the normal body processes such as blood circulation and toxic waste elimination.

The common side effects of too much salt intake is water retention that can result swelling of your feet and ankles, salty urine that can create health problems and the third one too much salt intake can also lead to high blood pressure which can gives you headache and dizziness.

Experiencing the pain I bow not to use too much salt in my food no matter how it lack flavor on my tongue, today I have cooked macaroni soup and I added more water into it.

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