Simple and handy treatment for corns

One of the common problems faced by many people today is the growth of corns on the feet. There can be many causes for the growth of corns ranging from tight footwear to excessive walking. Whatever the reason for the growth of these corns they can be painful if not treated in the correct manner. As these corns grow between the toes, they can cause a lot of discomfort as they are exposed to harsh conditions. However, when you discover the growth of corns on your feet there is no need to be extremely worried as timely intervention can save you from a lot of pain and discomfort.

Medically speaking there are collagen injections, which can help you curb the growth of corns and remove them. There is also the option of surgery where the corn would be medically removed from the feet. While these options are good there are also some other simple remedies, which would also prove effectiveness in treating corns at a low cost. One of the best treatments for corns is to soak the corn infested feet in warm salty water. This would give an immediate relief for the pain, make the hard surface of the corn softer, and remove the infection if there is any inside the corn.

Another good treatment for these painful and hard corns would be to rub a pumice stone on the hard surface of the corn, which would in turn make it softer and reduce the hardening of the skin around the affected area. It is always believed that a good treatment for corns or any state would be to deal with the problem from the root. Similarly, a good nutritious diet with loads of vitamins and minerals would do wonders in decrease of the growth of corns.

Oatmeal is well known to exfoliate the skin. You could boil a teaspoon of oatmeal in water, strain the water, and apply the boiled paste on the hardened area. You will find the skin becoming smoother and the pain in the area would certainly subside. You will find the dead and dry skin peeling out. Edible items with an acid base generally act as an antiseptic on any wound. Similarly, slices of lemon or pineapple can be placed on the affected area at night for instant relief from pain and discomfort.

Another simple trick would be to keep the wound covered with a plaster while you walk. This would keep the corn covered and reduce direct contact with hard surfaces, which cause the corn to grow and hurt. Follow these simple methods to help reduce the growth of corns and consult your doctor if you find that the corn is not healing.

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