Slimming Tea

Maybe most of women had tried to drink slimming too in hope to loss weight,  once I have tried it too. A friend had told me that she is drinking slimming tea before meal at night or in the morning, oh well the  interested me ask where could I buy for myself and what brand is she using and if it is effective or not. I just think maybe I should look into online nursing classes to learn more about a healthy diet so I am not that nosy.

I was still in college then who is very particular of my baby fats, so to make the story short I bought one sachet  good  for single usage, just to try if it is really effective in the morning. The tea tasted weird on my tongue but thinking that it will help me to loss weight I drink it all. Well the first try helps me to have a good bowel movement, knowing that it will help me digest the food very easy, I bought one again and again.

Later on after a week of drinking I noticed the tea has no effect anymore, it looks like my body is already used in drinking that tea  so I stop from drinking the tea and I continue my habit of exercising early in the morning when the sky is still dark.

As what I have heard herbal slimming tea works as laxative stimulant that prevent food from properly being digested, you’re going to loss weight but it is unhealthy because you not only don’t get the calories, you also lose vital nutrients.

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