Swollen Lymph Nodes

My back and right arm these past days are bothering me. The first day my back felt like a flat bread what I mean they felt flat and vulnerable so before I sleep I rub Katinko ointment on my back,  just a preparation just in case I am going to catch colds. The second day when I wake up in the morning my back felt better but my right arm is still bothering me, it is numb. When I look in the mirror I noticed my shoulder and armpit is somehow swollen  so I used Katinko ointment on it and search for the word “kulani” and I found out it is a swollen lymph nodes when you have injury on the hand or near your armpit.

On the third day my arm still feel numb but the swollen subside a little though I have sharp pain on my right  shoulder blades. We are on a juice fast diet that means we don’t eat solid food though sometimes we cheat with the diet, so I decided that night to eat rice by buying instant meal from Family Mart and then I took medicine, Alaxan FR.

On the fourth day everything was okay, my right arm looks smaller already and I felt much better though sometimes there’s pain in my right upper back, I don’t know how I injured my right arm or right shoulder. Maybe it is from carrying heavy bag when we are shopping for our groceries or when I rub my back while having shower,  or when my husband give me back massage which he thinks its impossible and lastly from making juice. I only hold the juicer with my right arm every time I took it from the kitchen cabinet below, so when I made a juice again I calculate the weight of the juicer and it is really to heavy for one arm. So my conclusion I injured my right arm from carrying the juicer on one hand and since then I used both hands.

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