How to Find a Good Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

One of many problems of many people now a days is addiction to alcohol, nicotine and even drugs.  Though there are only few people had  a courage to admit that they have addiction problem because admission requires a lot of courage.  If one of your love one has addiction and you are planning to underwent them on addiction treatment, remember that this can be conducted at alcohol and drug rehabs or treatment centers that  cater the needs of addicted person.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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There are also dual diagnosis treatment centers that specialized in treating a patient who is suffering from mental illness and addiction at the same time. If you want to find a good treatment center for your loved one that provides specialized care, you will have to do your research extensively.  They offer a high level of personal care in tending to the patient’s needs.

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How To Seek Help For Your Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a serious problem and affects many people in a variety of different ways. It occurs when people feel agitated, uncomfortable, or alone without drugs, or when people turn to selling their possessions to pay for their addiction.

Most people turn to general Narcotics Anonymous groups to help with their addiction problems, however Non 12 Step Rehab programs such as this hydrocodone rehab center, offer a variety of therapeutic and beneficial options that focus on catering to an individual’s specific needs.

Recognize Your Problem

The first step to seeking help is by recognising your drug addiction negatively affects the way you live and interact with others around you.  If you feel this is the case, it is important to seek out help immediately.

Learn About Your Options

Recovery programs can be found by contacting people such as your general practitioner, therapist or counsellor, health professional, volunteer from a community recovery organisation, or even by contacting 13 HEALTH. You can also search for programs on the internet or in the phone book, or on medical facility and community bulletin boards.

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Seek Out An Individual Counsellor

Being involved in a 12-step program does not necessarily guarantee success, which is why seeking out an individual counsellor is a good idea to make the most out of your rehabilitation. Individual counselling is a perfect option for those who do not wish to disclose private information within groups, and can also help people get to the root of their drug addiction in a more personalised way.

SMART Recovery

Self-Management and Recovery Training, also known as SMART Recovery, approaches the rehabilitation of drug addiction through a four-point system based on scientific evidence gathered about addiction. This method of recovery offers group sessions focuses on dealing with urges, staying motivated, appropriately managing behaviour and thought, and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Internet-Based Recovery Support

Internet-based recovery and support groups are never a replacement for personalised drug addiction treatments. However, websites, chat rooms, and social media are a great way to stay in touch with other recovering addicts, as they allow you to connect with people world- wide and partake in discussions anonymously. It is important to remember that anonymity does not guarantee that honest advice testimonials, and it is always best to seek treatment in a physical group setting.

Rational Recovery

Rational recovery is an independent source of counselling and guidance that focuses self-recovery from alcohol and drug through planned abstinence. It uses the internet, books, videos, lectures, and flash cards in simple training exercises to test individual’s will power against substance abuse. As there are no group sessions through this program, teleconference sessions are available over the internet for one-on-one guidance and information. Not only does drug addiction affect a person’s physical health, but it also affects their mental health and the way they interact with people socially. Non 12-step rehabilitation programs are readily available therapeutic and beneficial ways for anyone wishing to seek alternative methods recovery from drug addiction.

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