Beat the Gym Membership With These Budget Fitness Tips

Hit the road!

The cheapest way to get fit and lose some pounds is to pull on your trainers, head through the front door and go running or power walking. No special equipment or clothes are needed and you don’t need to book ahead.
Get the most out of your session by putting in some planning; plot your route using an online map, so you know how far you have run and factor in rest breaks and a few hills as well.

It’s a dog’s life…

If pounding the tarmac is just too dull, then mash things up a little. Borrow a friend’s dog and venture into more rural areas. Hurl a ball or a Frisbee about. If you enjoy it you can even start charging for your time (only don’t go and buy a dog yourself – that will cancel out all your gym subscriptions savings!). Here’s some tips for running with a dog.


Back to basics

If the last time you went to a municipal leisure centre was when you got your school swimming badge, then take a fresh look. Local authority gyms are well-stocked with the latest equipment and employ skilled trainers, but at a fraction of the price to the user.
You can turn up and pay as you go, so you can mix and match your workout to suit your budget. While you are pounding away in the gym, check out the swimming pool. Easy on the joints and the best way to all-round fitness, swimming at your local pool costs far less than at a swanky gym, for exactly the same benefits.

Go window shopping

If you like the structure of gym classes and the fact that the teacher does all the thinking for you, then start looking in newsagent and post office windows. This is where you will find adverts for local classes held in nearby church or village halls. Yoga and zumba classes are incredibly popular, and will only cost you a few pounds a week. GoMammoth’s London Zumba classes for example are a good introduction to Zumba as you don’t need to pay for a long term gym membership to access the classes. Make sure the teacher knows what they are doing and has insurance, and you can get a fantastic, regular workout and meet people from your neighbourhood as well.

Move up a league

If it is the sociable aspect of going to the gym that appeals to you then be sure to check out local sports leagues – your local authority will have a list. Pick the right sport and joining a local league can transform your social life along with your fitness levels.
You will meet like-minded people, have access to specialised equipment for a (usually) reasonable subscription, and also enjoy the thrill of competition.

Stay home alone

If you are really feeling the pinch and don’t want to lay out any money at all then stay at home with a length of washing line – and skip. Exhausting, but a fantastic fast-track to fitness.
If you have the willpower to motivate yourself, there are plenty of smartphone apps that will sort you out a home exercise programme. A good one will let you enter in your stats and goals and plot your progress. Cheaper than a personal trainer and certainly not as bossy!

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5 Safety Tips for Cycling at Night

Cycling is a great way to get in shape and enjoy the outdoors. Riding at night can even allow you to feel completely free and at peace with the world. While you may enjoy riding your bicycle at night, it is important to understand that there are dangers involved. This post lists five ways of staying safe from those dangers.

Blinking Flashlight

The most obvious danger of riding at night comes from cars and drivers that cannot see you. Strapping a blinking flashlight to the handlebars is a great way to draw attention to yourself and make sure that any driver will see you coming. The blinking light is important because a steady light stream can be misinterpreted as a street lamp or some other lighted device that is not moving. Make sure that the light always points in the direction you are heading.

Reflective Vest

Blinking flashlights are not visible to cars coming from behind you. To help those cars notice you, wear a reflective vest. The best options for these types of vest are those that are brightly coloured and have reflective strips. Cars coming from your rear will have a hard time seeing you without a vest. The vest will illuminate your back and ensure that any driver will be able to see you in plenty of time.

White Clothing

Wearing white clothing can help as well. Dark clothing is very difficult to see at night. Wearing a white shirt, hat, and shoes will help you stand out against the dark sky. Wearing white is vital if you do not have a reflective vest. A good idea is to get reflective strips for your shoes and tire spokes. Anything on your bike or your person that reflects light and brings attention from drivers can keep you safe.

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Avoiding Traffic

Many people suffer from poor vision at night and that makes them dangerous behind the wheel of a car. A good rule of thumb for riding at night is to avoid busy roads. It only takes a moment for a driver to lose focus and knock you off your bike. The fewer cars that you ride by, the fewer chances there are for you to get hit. If you have a bike path or residential neighbourhood to ride in, particularly one that has shoulders on the road and/or sidewalks, try to ride there. The shoulders and sidewalks give you a chance to move away from oncoming cars.

Stay Alert

No matter how free you feel while riding at night, make sure that you stay mindful of what you are doing and the dangers that are all around you. A dog chasing you, a cat darting in front of you, a pothole, or a driver not paying attention are all serious dangers when you are on a bicycle. Prepare yourself mentally for those dangers and what you would do should a situation like one of these arise.

About the author:

Glenn is a cycling enthusiast from Brisbane, Australia. He says that if you follow these tips when cycling at night you are sure to stay safe but for extra piece of mind he recommends taking out cyclist insurance.

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Exercises for Late at Night

Reasons to Exercise

There are fewer daylight hours during the winter to enjoy outdoor activities. By the time you leave work, and drive home, it may be completely dark. However, you still want to find ways to exercise throughout the cold winter. Exercising is vitally important for you physically and mentally. It is a great stress reliever while also assisting in preventing weight gain. Preventing weight gain can help you avoid diabetes, heart disease and joint damage. Frequent physical activity can assist in preventing mental depression. Individuals with seasonal affective disorder feel better when they stay active. Your immune system becomes stronger due to physical activity. In addition, an individual’s self-esteem is higher when they feel good about their physical appearance. The cold brisk air can help rejuvenate you after being stuck inside all day. You will even burn extra calories during winter workouts because your body is trying to stay warm.

Winter Exercise

If you enjoy walking outdoors, then try to find a brightly lit path for a quick stroll. Find a friend to keep you company, or walk your dog. In colder weather, make sure to dress in warmer clothing including coats, hats and gloves. A warm-up stretching session before you go outside can prevent injuries. Carry a hot drink for sipping to keep you warm and hydrated. If pathways have no ice or snow, then you can also ride a bike. Alternatively, many shopping malls welcome individuals to walk inside their facilities. There are also schools that allow individuals the use of their gymnasiums for basketball and other activities. There are fun, and easy exercises for indoors too. Yoga is a great physical activity in the evening. Listening to relaxing music while doing yoga will relieve your stress. A gentle yoga workout can help you sleep soundly at night too.

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Workout Equipment

Winter is a great time to use your workout equipment. A stationary bike can be placed in a corner of a room for spinning exercise. You can watch television, listen to music, talk on the phone, or read a book while riding. A treadmill can allow you to keep running even when there is snow outside. Invest in some weight training equipment to keep your muscles strong. Choose from barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells. Small hand weights can be used while you are on the treadmill to help keep arms in shape. There are also great flexible resistance bands to build strength. Stair stepper equipment is great for your legs. If there are stairs in your home, then use those for exercising. You can also get a great workout from rowing and elliptical machines. To reduce boredom it is a good idea to use a variety of equipment and workout routines. This is also the best way to keep your entire body in its best condition.

Additional Workouts

Get outside, and shovel the snow instead of using a snowblower. You will burn calories, and get some extra exercise. Become involved in winter sports such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and ice hockey. Many winter sports allow you an opportunity to be on teams with friends while other sports are solitary activities. Become a coach for a team of youngsters to teach them about indoor or outdoor sports. You will get a great workout while teaching them. Find a fitness gym to join for nights when the weather is too cold to exercise outdoors. Many locations offer Pilates, yoga, spinning, weight training, water aerobics and other courses. Exercising during the dark cold winter months will prevent you from gaining weight, and keep you energized.

About the author:

John Rushworth owns Havoc Store – a UK based online fitness retailer.

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Keeping Your Body Well Prepared For Disease Battles

Just like any other form of battles, preparation is one of the best keys to win. Our body has a natural line of defense against a lot of disease producing organisms. However, as we grow old, our soldier cells grow old as well and diminish in number. With that horrible fact, we need to replenish ourselves with probiotic supplements in order to keep the defense strong and intact.

According to research, 1 out of 10 cells that we have in our body is a human cell while the rest are good bacteria that are primarily present to keep us alive and strong to fight against the entrance of the harmful ones.

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If your good bacteria are well supplied, you should also take the initiative of keeping yourself healthy by ingesting good food as well. Keep yourself well nourished by eating fruits and vegetables and avoid those junk ones. There has been no restrictions but always eat in moderation.

Do not also forget to exercise. Sweating can help in letting out harmful toxins. It aids in giving that certain nice glow and young looking skin. Keeping yourself healthy can only be achieved if you are willing to work hard for it. Stay health and disease free!

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