Beat the Gym Membership With These Budget Fitness Tips

Hit the road!

The cheapest way to get fit and lose some pounds is to pull on your trainers, head through the front door and go running or power walking. No special equipment or clothes are needed and you don’t need to book ahead.
Get the most out of your session by putting in some planning; plot your route using an online map, so you know how far you have run and factor in rest breaks and a few hills as well.

It’s a dog’s life…

If pounding the tarmac is just too dull, then mash things up a little. Borrow a friend’s dog and venture into more rural areas. Hurl a ball or a Frisbee about. If you enjoy it you can even start charging for your time (only don’t go and buy a dog yourself – that will cancel out all your gym subscriptions savings!). Here’s some tips for running with a dog.


Back to basics

If the last time you went to a municipal leisure centre was when you got your school swimming badge, then take a fresh look. Local authority gyms are well-stocked with the latest equipment and employ skilled trainers, but at a fraction of the price to the user.
You can turn up and pay as you go, so you can mix and match your workout to suit your budget. While you are pounding away in the gym, check out the swimming pool. Easy on the joints and the best way to all-round fitness, swimming at your local pool costs far less than at a swanky gym, for exactly the same benefits.

Go window shopping

If you like the structure of gym classes and the fact that the teacher does all the thinking for you, then start looking in newsagent and post office windows. This is where you will find adverts for local classes held in nearby church or village halls. Yoga and zumba classes are incredibly popular, and will only cost you a few pounds a week. GoMammoth’s London Zumba classes for example are a good introduction to Zumba as you don’t need to pay for a long term gym membership to access the classes. Make sure the teacher knows what they are doing and has insurance, and you can get a fantastic, regular workout and meet people from your neighbourhood as well.

Move up a league

If it is the sociable aspect of going to the gym that appeals to you then be sure to check out local sports leagues – your local authority will have a list. Pick the right sport and joining a local league can transform your social life along with your fitness levels.
You will meet like-minded people, have access to specialised equipment for a (usually) reasonable subscription, and also enjoy the thrill of competition.

Stay home alone

If you are really feeling the pinch and don’t want to lay out any money at all then stay at home with a length of washing line – and skip. Exhausting, but a fantastic fast-track to fitness.
If you have the willpower to motivate yourself, there are plenty of smartphone apps that will sort you out a home exercise programme. A good one will let you enter in your stats and goals and plot your progress. Cheaper than a personal trainer and certainly not as bossy!

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Health Benefits of Playing Drums

Being healthy is one of the greatest achievements that one would wish to get in their life time. Many people would therefore spend as much as they can in order to have the best health advice .The common health tips that one needs to keep in mind are as follows;

Person Holding Drums

[Photo courtesy of Stephen Niemeier/]

One needs to form a habit of exercise most probably on daily basis. This helps to break the excess fat and converting them into energy. There are many exercising equipment’s that can help you improve your health condition this include Cycle, crunch, that helps to improve one’s squat performance. One should also watch on their diet, Every meal that one takes should be of a balance diet, that is should be rich in both proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. The drum brands can also be used as a mode of exercise, this helps enlarge the muscles and helps in the arms exercise.

If anyone needs to improve his or her health condition them they should be able to increase the exercise equipment’s in their gym.

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Good Foods for Fitness

We all know that we should be eating healthy foods to make sure our bodies function in the way nature intended, but this message sometimes gets lost in translation leaving many people confused and unsure as to what foods they should be eating to make sure their body is getting all the nutrients it needs. This means that paying attention to the foods you are eating is as essential to maintaining a good level of fitness as putting the right fuel in your car and we all know what happens when you put petrol into a diesel car and vice versa.

Hydrate first

A human body is made up of around 60% water and this life giving fluid is essential to keeping your body healthy – no excuses. As a guide, aim to drink at least 6 glasses of water per day in its unadulterated form and by doing so you are helping your body to keep clean and vital inside and out.

What food?

Most people have heard of the essential ‘5 a day’ when it comes to fruit and vegetables. Most people assume this means they must eat fresh produce, but frozen fruit and vegetables as well as some canned varieties are also just as good. If you opt for canned versions of your favourites, try to aim for ones which contain no added salt or sugar and make sure they are well rinsed before you use them. Fruit and vegetable provide a whole array of vitamins and minerals to keep your body running as well as being low in fat. They are also great to utilize as a snack and can help that lag during the day by providing a hit of complex carbohydrates.

Food, Chicken, Fitness

[Image courtesy of ToomaCZ/]

In addition, protein is essential to any healthy diet but it does not just some in the form of meat and dairy produce as most people think. Of course, meats and cheeses are essential for good health but you should always make sure you choose lean white meats such as chicken or turkey as well as a variety of fish including oily ones. When choosing dairy options, try smaller portions of full flavoured cheese or full fat milk to make sure your calcium intake is catered for as well as the protein hit needed. A word of warning though, always exercise portion control die to the relatively high calorie and fat counts. A good source of protein can also be found in pulses such as beans and lentils. These savoury beauties are readily available in all supermarkets and can be dried or canned. Either way, they are a great option for bulking up a meaty dish or for adding to soups. If you get creative you can even make them the star attraction in any meal.

In any case, try to remember to eat what your body needs. It is a simple case of energy in and energy out – in this case the calories in the food you consume versus the energy you expend in the form of exercise. Women need between 1600-2000 calories per day to maintain a healthy weight, while for men it is around 2000-2500 calories per day.

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Drumming Your Kids to Fitness

Drumming is a good form of exercise because your arms are moving while your mind is functioning in a relaxed manner. There is no need for you to go on diet fitness if you want to have a healthy body because drumming is comparable to a workout.

Youngsters who are into drumming lose their weight and this was the result of a study by educators at the University of Gloucestershire. If you have obese kids, let them play the drums to reduce their weight.

Drumming Kids

[Image courtesy Mycelium101/]

For a start, let them use a hoop rim rubber at WWBW so they will enjoy low playing during their spare time. Once they get used to drumming, your kids will not be addicted to video games. Instead of tinkering their mouse keyboard, their hands are now glued to the drums.

The hoop rim rubber is perfect as their drum companion because it really helps produce quiet sound while in the comfort of your home. Installing and removing the rubber is so easy and your kids can do it. Drumming is relaxing and less expensive hobby for your kids.

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What You Need to Know About Losing Weight and Nutritional Diet

Knowing what to eat and the right amount of food is the secret in weight reduction. Choosing healthy foods through recipes which help to lose weight is essential to enable you to go dieting without really starving. Skipping meals and taking diet pills are not solutions towards getting your desired weight.

Most women are prone to obesity and if left untreated it can lead to hypertension and lifestyle diseases that can be fatal. With the rat race and sedentary lifestyle, nobody can escape from being obese. Before it becomes a serious health problem, it is time to go dieting by eating nutritious foods that are easy to prepare. When dieting, it does not mean you have to deprive your body with delectable and mouthwatering dishes.

Healty Diet

[Image source]

With a little imagination and creativity, you can concoct healthy menus from the food pyramid. Always see to it that vegetables and grains are your main ingredients when preparing for your diet plan. Keep informed of the nutritional facts about the ingredients for each menu item to enable you to go dieting without depriving your body with nutrients.

Losing weight is achievable by eating a variety of healthy diet in various categories. Keep a list of healthy food snacks, soup dishes, side dishes, sauce and dressing recipes, salad recipes, main dish, dessert and bread recipes, sandwich and appetizers. Don’t forget to include in your menu plan your concoction of healthy beverages sourced from oranges, apples, bananas, or mangoes.

When planning for a healthy diet, always mind your body mass index. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are good sources of fats to keep your body energized while increasing the level of good cholesterol. Create recipes that are low in saturated fats and fewer calories. Grains and leafy green vegetables are rich in fiber to keep your body healthy and lower blood pressure.

Healthy eating is not limited to a vegetarian diet because you can always eat white meat sourced from chicken, fish and shellfish. The cooking method should not focus on frying or stir fry because you can cook them without using cooking oil such as stewing, baking, steaming or grilling.

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