Is Your Tween Healthy?

A tween is any child between the ages of around 8-14 years old. Making sure your tween is healthy will ensure they grow up to be well rounded, responsible teens and adults. Children of this age can be exposed to many things thanks to the TV and the internet, and in turn this can fill them with false, negative beliefs. They may get depressed, they may start acting out – they may not even do anything to let you know that they are not OK. Look for these signs to give you an idea of whether your tween is healthy or not:

Noticing Changes in Behaviour

Your tween will always display some changes in behaviour, even if they are healthy. Many of them will spend hours on the phone or computer, stay out more, and probably have little interest in spending as much time with the family. Rest assured that this is normal. It’s only when these behaviours seem extreme and they become very secretive should you begin to worry. Monitor changes in behaviour. Only you know your tween best, so only you know if you’re overreacting or if something needs to be done.


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Changes In Mood

Again, there are going to be changes in mood. They will have mood swings, seem irritable, and even sad at times. It’s all part of growing up. However, these swings shouldn’t last very long. A few days at most. If it seems that they are sad, anxious, or depressed more often than not, then you should seek help for them. Depression in tween girls and boys is as real as it is in adults, so make sure you don’t ignore the signs.

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Knowing How To Handle It

Knowing how to handle the changes in your tween is important. It can be sensitive, especially if you think they may be depressed or anxious. But you need to sort it out as quickly as you can to avoid problems in the future. When speaking to them, you must always speak in a calm voice. Only ever say what you mean, and be prepared to listen to what they are really saying to you. Don’t interrupt them. You definitely shouldn’t use sarcasm or anything that could turn the situation into a huge argument. At the end of the day, you’re on their side. Act like you’re on the same team. Have a discussion rather than an argument and lecturing your teen. If you know they have been smoking or drinking, for instance, try not to overreact. It can be shocking, but this is something many tweens do and get over quickly. If your tween is self medicating in other ways or even has an eating disorder of some kind, it can be even harder to handle. You need to be sensitive and let them know you’re there for them. Having an intervention and getting professional help at a time like this could be a smart move.

Is your tween healthy? You know your tween better than anybody, so use your best judgement when working out what to do.

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Dealing with Long-Term Sickness

Being diagnosed with an illness that is going to put you out of action for a prolonged period of time can be devastating. But it’s something that you can bounce back from. Here’s what you need to do to deal with it.

Follow Medical Advice

Dealing with an illness is never easy, but you can only get back to normal if you listen to your doctors. They are the ones that really know what they’re talking about, so make sure you don’t act like you know better. The patient needs to talk to the doctor and give them feedback if the comeback is going to be as smooth as it can be. It should be a two-way process, but your doctor’s advice should always be listened to.

This can be difficult if it means having to change your lifestyle dramatically. But a doctor wouldn’t give you advice just to annoy you or make your life difficult. Having said that, if you are unsure about the advice from a doctor, get a second opinion. But once two doctors have told you the same thing, it’s probably a good idea to listen to that advice rather than ignore it.

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Cover Yourself Financially

One of the big problems that you will face when you are suffering from a long-term illness relates to your finances. Many people find that they can no longer cover all the costs and bills that they have to pay. This is a big problem, so make sure that you give it some thought. If you have a partner to depend on, then the financial hit will probably be a little more manageable.

If you don’t have a partner whose income can tide you over, then you will have to look at the alternatives. First of all, make sure that you are getting the sick pay that you are entitled to. Understanding sick pay entitlement can be tricky. But if you were in a full-time job previously, that employer must give you the statutory level of sick pay for a fixed amount of time while you recover.

Return to Normal Life Slowly

When you have been sick for a long time, you are always anxious to bounce back and get back to normal. This is what everyone wants when something like this happens to them. First of all, it’s important not to rush your recovery. If you do this, you might damage your recovery and put yourself out of action for even longer, and that’s just counter-productive. So, listen to your doctor’s advice and pace yourself.

When the time is right for you to go back to work, then you need to do this slowly. If you have a job to go back to and a supportive employer, then you are in a very fortunate position indeed. This makes everything so much easier, and it’s exactly what you need. Things might take a little longer if you have to find a new job and get used to a new kind of work. Take it easy and go at your own pace. Most importantly, don’t take on more than you can handle.

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How to Find Research Jobs Online

Whether you are a PhD or graduate student, or you finished your schooling, you might find yourself in the position of looking for a research associate job online. Those jobs let you use your skills as you help research chemicals and other components for the government and independent organizations. Though there are a number of those jobs out there, you need to know where to find those positions and how to apply.

Finding Jobs Online

When you use websites like Hire Life Science and other pages, you can find hundreds of jobs that are open to people with the experience and education that you have. These sites make it easy for you to search for jobs and find ones that are right for you. You might search for open positions in a specific city or state, according to keywords relating to the skills you possess or by the type or category of job. Once you find a position that appeals to you, you can apply for that job in seconds.

How to Apply

Before searching for research jobs online, make sure that you have your resume ready to go. Your resume should clearly show any experience that you have, where you obtained your degree and any skills that relate to that position. Most sites let you create an account and upload and submit your resume when applying for each job. Once you know where to look and how to apply, you can find the right clinical research associate job for you.

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Ways to Make Unhealthy Foods Healthy

Following an overly strict healthy diet, with limited food in quantity and variety can mean you run the risk of giving up the diet or indulging in unhealthy treats. Maintaining a balanced diet that includes some treats is a much better way to stick to a healthy diet. There are some great ways to make food healthier so you feel you are treating yourself without harming your healthy intentions.

Substitute food and ingredients

Replacing ingredients such as dairy products with low fat alternatives is an easy way to make meals healthier. Full fat milk and full fat cheese in cheese sauce can be replaced by low fat milk and low fat cheese to make a less calorific sauce. Leaner cuts of meat can be bought such as turkey instead of chicken. Supermarkets often sell low fat mince so meals such as spaghetti bolognaise or shepherds pie can still be enjoyed but with less fat content.

Substituting processed foods for whole grain food is also a simple way to improve your diet. Processed white bread can be replaced with wholemeal or granary bread. Similarly sandwiches made using brown bread or granary bread can be bought instead of those using white bread or white rolls. White rice can be replaced with brown rice and pasta can be swapped for wholemeal pasta.

Another easy ingredient substitution is to use herbs and spices and less salt. A low salt diet is good for high blood pressure and herbs and spices are often beneficial to health in other ways.

Changing portion sizes

Unhealthy meals can easily be tweaked to be more healthy by changing portion sizes. By giving larger amounts of vegetables or salad and less of the unhealthy portion you will be improving the nutritional content of a meal and lowering the calorie intake. A substantial serving of salad will complement a slice of pizza perfectly. Larger portions of vegetables will not lessen the flavour of your Sunday roast but they will improve the healthiness of the meal.

Serving raw vegetables, such as chopped up carrots, with pies or stews is a great way to make an indulgent food a little healthier.

Snacking can often lead to eating unhealthy foods. Snacking routines can be adjusted to be healthier by mixing your favourite snack with something healthy. An easy way to fix a chocolate craving is to buy a packet of dried fruit and nut mix and then add a little chocolate. Treating yourself to a biscuit is fine providing that you eat a piece of fruit first.

Cooking methods

There are many methods of cooking that can be used to make unhealthy foods more healthy. Using a rack in a roasting tin so that the fat can drip and drain away is a great way to lessen fat intake from a meal.

The way in which meat is prepared before cooking can also reduce fat. By removing the skin from chicken or cutting away the fat on bacon or other cuts of meat you will be enjoying foods you love and in a healthier way.

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Learning About the Cost of Assisted Living and How to Pay For It

As many people age, assisted living becomes the best option. This is definitely the case for many baby boomers who are making their way into retirement. As such, assisted living is talked about among not only family physicians but also financial planners. This is because assisted living is often more costly than people expect. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to afford assisted living.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted-living programs offer the elderly supervised living spaces that are safe for them to spend their golden years. They don’t have to worry about being home alone or what would happen if they slip and fall while no one is around. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of elderly Americans who need help doing daily activities is over 6.5 million, and it’s estimated that this number will double by 2020.

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The Cost of Assisted Living

Now that you know a bit about what assisted living is, you need to know how much it costs, but this differs depending on the facility and its location. That being said, the cost of assisted living in a private room is only around 60 to 70 percent of the cost of living at a nursing home. This could mean that people pay around $50 to $120 a day, or $1,500 to $3,600 a month. This number can be a big shocker for people who haven’t planned ahead for retirement.

Paying for Assisted Living

When it comes time to pay for assisted living, people have a lot of options to consider. These options can be weighed with the help of a healthcare investor, such as Yosef Meystel. Investors can help you determine which course of action is best for you. Maybe you want to pay for assisted living using your investment portfolio, such as an Individual Retirement Account or a 401K. People who own homes often choose to sell in order to pay for the cost of assisted living.

Maybe you want to use long-term care insurance. However, it’s important to remember that long-term care insurance usually has restrictions. For example, some insurance policies don’t cover people for long-term care unless they are able to perform at least two or more daily living activities. These daily activities may include eating, dressing, bathing, using the toilet, walking and so on. Other groups may have the elderly individual evaluated by a physician of their choice.


While Medicare doesn’t pay for assisted living, there are some cases in which Medicaid does. For example, Medicaid sometimes pays for assisted living in limited duration, usually about 90 days. However, if the individual’s physical condition doesn’t improve, Medicaid usually stops paying for the arrangements.

There is financial assistance out there for people who need it. However, the sooner you start planning for the cost of assisted living, the better. Most of the time, financial assistance doesn’t pay the full cost of assisted living but helps make the payments more manageable. In either case, looking for a healthcare investor could be the best answer.

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