Tensor Bandage

My right arm almost broke yesterday. My husband and I is teasing each other, I asked for a hug because I felt cold and he don’t like changing the heater temperature to 22. He playfully jump on me and on a  sudden, a crack sound was heard.  It’s my arm and it is painful, he quickly get off and check my arm while I am crying out loud.

He asked me to extend my arm, flexed and move it into different directions. I can still move it but there’s a pain, it feels like my arm is loose.  My arm turns red too and a little swollen so he wrapped my arm with tensor bandage.

A tensor bandage is an elasticized bandage used to provide support to a sprained or strained limb. This type of bandage may also be known as an ace bandage or ace wrap.  Tensor bandages can be useful to keep in a first aid kit for immediate treatment of strains and sprains.

When the tensor bandage was wrapped into my arm my husband asked me if it is too tight and tell him if my arm turns black. Right that moment my arm already turns black so he unwrapped the bandage to make it loose but suddenly he decided not to put it anymore. He said it might be better not to put tensor bandage, when the bandage was removed the swollen disappear a little.

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