The Benefits of Getting a Medical Test to your Health

 When we felt sick we don’t really see a doctor, we usually rely on over the counter drugs or just shrugged it off but since when my mother had a stroke it changes our perspective.  My father had been complaining of pain on his side for a long time and had pain urinating so he did water therapy at home, he doesn’t like the idea of not going to work even for a day or getting check by doctors but with my persuasion he obliged. I have told him that his one day earnings as a carpenter isn’t enough to pay his hospital bills if he gets seriously ill.

And since I was told by the village nurse to get medical test because of my blood pressure problem I took the chance to have it done as well. My blood test result was normal but my urinalysis failed me, I had urinary tract infection, which I guess from holding on to use the bathroom especially during the night when I was very lazy to get up.

Anyway, my father’s blood test wasn’t that good as well. We found out he has high sugar and high uric level, he initially doesn’t want to see a doctor after finding his results because he reasoned out he just need to avoid eating food that isn’t allowed for diabetic and gout patients but I keep insisting for him to see doctor because I would like him to totally stop drinking alcohol after getting back to it again.  He stop drinking alcohol and smoking after my mother got hospitalized after a stroke but  he unknowingly started again to relieve stress and tiredness from work, blame it as well to his co-workers/employer who gave them alcohol to drink so I believed if he started taking medicines he won’t drink alcohol anymore.

Getting a medical test on your own was really a big health because it saves you from getting seriously ill by knowing what’s your health problem so if you felt something wrong in your health don’t be on hesitation to get a medical test done for your own health.

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