Things that You May Want to Know about Women’s Health

Women cannot avoid getting sick as they turn a year old because they have unique physique than their male counterparts. These health issues have been the concern of government health agencies worldwide. The lack of knowledge on how to combat these illnesses that are related to their menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breast cancer, osteoporosis, cervical cancer, menopause and their underlying conditions can affect productivity in the workplace.

If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned illness, it is time that you learn the basics of women’s health. Although each woman has different physical needs and health conditions, any of these health problems can affect family relationship, and the ability to procreate and raise the children. But don’t you know that apart from health issues that pertain to women’s reproductive organ, women are inflicted with diseases that are common to men.

Healthy Women

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More women die of heart attack and lifestyle diseases than men. They suffer postpartum depression, panic attack, anxiety attack and other psychosomatic illnesses than men. Although women are not polygamous as their spouses, they are more likely to suffer serious effects from sexually transmitted diseases and the worst case is, some women are infected with HIV from their sexual partners.

Since the genitals are sensitive to microorganisms than men’s organs, women are prone to suffer from urinary tract infection. As they turn their golden years, women are more likely to get affected by osteoarthritis and bone diseases. Women also suffer physical pains and mental anguish because of physical and verbal abuse from their partners.

For your sake, it is important that you prioritize your health before the problem worsens. You must undergo a yearly Pap smear test, breast cancer test or have vaccination for ovarian cancer. Protecting women’s health consists of eating the right foods, regular physical exercise and sleep, and have a yearly physical examination for early detection of cancer to improve the quality of life.

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