Thread Mill Design and Productivity on Losing Weight

We changed our work out/exercise routine in the gym instead of lifting weight we are just doing 45 minutes of cardio. I used the thread mill which is sometimes boring because I have nothing else to do but walk and run, I need something that could make my mind busy. The thread mills in the gym are somehow old version that’s why the owner individually added 14 inch TV in front of the other thread mills, other thread mill has no television because they are right on the window which is opened during summer time.

Thread Mill

Last night I used the thread mill next to the window and I am able to use the television so while I am walking I am watching TV but because it was too late I was not able to watch the comedy show I used to enjoy way back on the old gym. There are some channel that has musical theme where it is all about music and singing, playing guitars and other musical instrument and after which they have advertisement how to save on buying musical instrument like how to save on ukelele and choose the right guitar.

Thread mill with good design and screen attached is helpful to drive more enthusiast while exercising. You can walk or run longer while your mind is busy into something.

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