Typical Causes of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can occur for a variety of different reasons in both children and adults. Some types of hearing loss are temporary while others are permanent. One of the most common reasons for hearing loss is exposure to loud sounds on a regular basis. For instance, a person who mows lawns for a living may experience gradual hearing loss. If the person mows several lawns a day for many years, he or she may start to notice a loss of hearing. This is why some people who mow lawns wear protective ear coverings while they work. People who play in loud rock bands and work in bustling factories may also experience gradual hearing loss. Look at some of the other common reasons why people experience hearing loss.

A Bad Cold

A person can experience temporary hearing loss because of the congestion associated with a cold or spring allergies. The person may even feel that his or her ears are clogged up. When the person sneezes, he or she may hear a popping sound that could be an indication of a pressure change. Congestion can buildup in someone’s sinuses and ears causing him or her to experience some hearing loss. The person can still hear people talking, but the sound is muffled. Fortunately, once the person gets over the cold or the allergies pass, his or her hearing should return to normal.

Excessive Ear Wax

Wax forms naturally inside a person’s ears to keep the bacteria and other foreign debris away from the inner ear. These things may cause infections or even damage. But, some people have more ear wax than others. Ear wax can buildup inside a person’s ear causing some hearing loss. A doctor can look inside a person’s ear to see if there is excessive wax. If there is, the physician can clean the ear wax out allowing the person to hear normally again. A person who knows he or she has excessive ear wax may want to schedule a regular appointment with a doctor to keep the ear wax level under control.

An Ear Infection

Sometimes when there is an infection in a person’s ear, it can lead to temporary hearing loss. There is water in the person’s inner ear that cannot escape on its own. ‘Swimmer’s ear’ is one example of an ear infection that is fairly common with people of all ages. An ear infection can also be the result of a bad sinus infection. A doctor can thoroughly examine a person’s ears to see if there is an infection. Then, he or she can prescribe medication or perform medical treatment to heal the infection and restore a person’s hearing.

The Aging Process

Finally, as a person ages, the cells in his or her inner ear begin to experience changes. This can result in gradual hearing loss. Perhaps the person has trouble hearing several people in a group who are talking at the same time. Or, the person has difficulty hearing someone who is sitting in a chair that is several feet away. This can keep the person from engaging with peers, participating in fun activities and fully enjoying social events. Someone with hearing loss for any reason may want to get help from a resource like Miracle-Ear.

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