Urgent Care Benefits

When you are ill or have an injury that doesn’t require a trip to the emergency room, an urgent care facility is an option. These are locations that are similar to emergency rooms, but they are smaller and treat people who don’t have issues that are as severe as those seen in an emergency room. If something is found to be seriously wrong, then the doctor at the walk in medical clinic will send you to the hospital to be examined.

The cost of going to an urgent care location is often less expensive. Many of the same tests can be completed, including blood tests and x-rays, for a lower cost. This will not only save you money, but it will save the insurance company money so that your premium won’t be as high. An urgent care facility is able to write prescriptions when needed. A refill can also be called into the pharmacy for those who need extra medications. Illnesses like the flu can be diagnosed and treated. Urgent care locations treat people of all ages from newborns to the elderly. You usually don’t need an appointment, and most locations are open seven days a week for the convenience of patients.

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