Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Symptoms and Treatment

I suspect that I have Urinary Tract Infection because this past few days I always have a headache and my bladder hurts especially every morning, I always have urge to pee but it is only a little. So the dork me have self-medication again I started to take antibiotics as what I remember my older cousin was prescribed with antibiotics when she had UTI. Plus as what I have heard antibiotics is not that  harmful to the body but when I told my husband about what I am doing he scold me that I should not do it because I am not a doctor nor a pharmacist and he lectured me that in India there’s a disease that it is antibiotic resistance because doctor in India just keep prescribing antibiotics and now they have disease that is immune with antibiotics. So he said I should not let my body immune to taking medicine or antibiotics he added if I suspect if I have UTI I should drink cranberry juice instead, so after two days of taking antibiotics I stopped.

Anyway a urinary tract infection or UTI is a bacterial infection that occurs when bacteria invade the urinary tract system; the bacteria multiply throughout the urinary track system.  Some of the symptoms are when bacteria enter the ureters and spread to the kidneys are fever,  back pain, chills, vomiting, nausea, spotting and smelly urine.

Some of the home remedies for UTI is drinking a lot of water to flush the bacteria, taking Vitamin C too drinking cranberries juice can cure urinary tract infection without opting of taking antiobiotics.

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