Vitamin C from Solar – C

As I have blogged before we are walking few times a night every week, which is every other day after our gym schedule. So one night while we are walking around downtown my husband went inside the pharmacy at first I am startled why  but when he said we need to buy Vitamin C I came in with him. We already look for Vitamin C in Vitamin House but we didn’t find what we are looking for, and we didn’t bother to ask also because the store was very busy when we went in.

The old man was surprised to see us, my husband asked him first if he speak English which he replied no. But anyway we still asked for Vitamin C which he easily understand so he started to walk along the aisle of medicines, I followed anyway so he looks around the aisle of  items and I am the who saw where they are, it has  different flavors but I choose the orange flavor.

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