Body Technology: What Will Your Mobile Phone Be Like in the Future?

If you are impressed by how many things your phone can currently do for you then prepare to have your mind blown in the future.

Technology firms all over the world are working on amazing plans that could completely change your phone and the way you use it. So what will your mobile phone be able to do in the future?

Mobile Phone Technology body

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It Could Let You Look at It from Any Angle

The Nokia prototype model called The Morph gave us a tantalising glimpse into the possible future of phones. In this case, it involved a phone whose entire case was the display. This meant that it could be looked at from any angle. You could even look at the back of it and see the display.  The Morph also came with a wide range of sensors and could be used for a number of different functions. In addition, this prototype phone was designed to allow extra modules to be added to it which would change the way in which it could be used. A good example comes with the way in which it could be converted into a belt clip for sports fan or made into a flat screen when the user wanted to watch videos on it. This would make our phones even more useful than they are now and could be a giant step forward for phone technology.

It Could Have a Curved or Flexible Phone

There has been a lot of talk in recent times about the possibility of producing a flexible mobile phone. This could be an incredible revolution in the industry if it really takes off. Some manufacturers have already tried to produce some curved or flexible phones, most notably the curved Samsung Galaxy Round model.  This was less impressive than some of the concept models seen to date and didn´t get a great reception from the public. It seems likely that someone will produce a brilliant curved or flexible phone that takes the world by storm before too long. This sort of technology would allow us to adjust the display to match our changing needs throughout the day and it seems that we will be able to use this sort of phone before too long.

It Could Be Part of Your Body

Some sci-fi films have already hinted at technology that is part of our bodies, perhaps most notably on the action film Total Recall. This Arnold Schwarzenegger movie featured characters with implanted circuitry, which meant that they could use their hand as a keyboard. Could we eventually use phones that are part of our bodies? It seems unlikely just now but it could be an exciting step forward that lets us use our phones in a whole new way. Quit how this would work in real life isn´t clear but it wouldn´t be such a surprise to find out that a phone maker has been working on this sort of technology, would it?

What kind of new mobile phone technology would you like to see in the future?

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