White tiny pimple in palatine tonsil

There’s a strange feeling in my mouth it feels like there’s something that touches the back of my tongue, I drink plenty of water to flush the weird feeling after brushing my teeth and using a gargle but I am still disturb. So while drinking our green juice I went to our mirror and inspect my mouth. I found a tiny white pimple just at the back of my uvula, right on my palatine tonsil. I feel scared thinking what it is that I keep inspecting it by using tiny cotton buds, I asked my husband to look at it. He told me to pop it out, so I took new cotton buds and touched it and it pops. It is like a blister, I guess I over brush my tongue the other day and the brush head went through my tonsils because when I am brushing I found blood on my tooth brush from my tongue as I didn’t see my teeth bleeding.

I am still worried right now as my left tonsil is slightly enlarged. I am hoping my tonsils feel better soon. I have search online and I found about tonsilloliths, also known as a tonsil stones, they are clusters of calcified material that forms in the crevasses of the tonsils. While they occur most commonly in the palatine tonsils, they may also occur in the lingual tonsils too.

But I don’t think mine is a tonsil stones because it is only a tiny dot, my husband says it might be an effect of our detox diet. Anyway protruding tonsilloliths may feel like foreign objects lodged in the tonsil crypt. They may be a nuisance and difficult to remove, but are usually not harmful. They are a cause of halitosis (bad breath) and I don’t think I have bad breath as I always brush my teeth, used dental floss and mouthwash.

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