Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better – Reasons to Consider a Breast Reduction.

It has long been a stereotype that women with large breast are considered attractive to the male of the species, but if you are a woman suffering under the strain of larger than average breast, you can be sure that the reality is not always this way. With complications such as back problems and issues with exercising comfortably, many women feel uncomfortable with their breast size and seek help with breast augmentation.

Here, we discuss the reasons why bigger is not always the best thing, and what benefits a breast reduction can offer.

Firstly, if you have larger than average breasts, you may have noticed that you can attract unwanted male attention. For many women, this can make them feel uncomfortable, and whilst we do not refer the majority of the male population, it can certainly be a hassle many women suffer with, and no matter how much they cover their breasts up, the comments and looks still go on. This can make women feel objectified and have less self-confidence when going out, which can then result in depression. A breast reduction, though seen as a last resort if there are no other problems with the breast size, can reduce this unwanted attention and enhance a woman’s self-confidence, therefore making them feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Secondly, and perhaps as important if not more so, is the health problems that large breasts can cause. According to Jeremy Hunt of Sydney plastic surgery of the same name (accessible at: drjeremyhunt.com.au/breast/reduction), the weight of the breasts against the frame of the woman who has them, should be at a comfortable ratio so that the body is able to support the weight of the breasts. In most cases this is naturally the way, however if the breasts grow out of proportion with the body, the frame struggles to carry them comfortably and women with larger breasts can suffer a range of health problems because of this, from back pain and muscular strains, to sagging and poor posture. It can even make a woman overweight, as she is unable to exercise comfortably and without pain, so therefore leads a more sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to weight gain. The depression mentioned earlier can also have an effect on the weight, causing in some cases the tendency to overeat. Once a breast reduction is performed, the patient can resume physical activity within a number of weeks, and can certainly try more and different types of exercise, which can help with weight loss and general wellbeing.

Other benefits of having breast reduction are when it comes to finding clothes to suit. Many women with larger breasts have restrictions in the type of clothing they can wear comfortably, and some women have to have custom made underwear to support their breasts. This costs money, and if a breast reduction is considered, can make the cost of clothing cheaper. It can also increase the different styles that can be worn.

A lot of women choose to have their breast reductions after suffering in the summer months with uncomfortable, and at times painful chafing rashes. Wherever skin rubs together it can cause a rash and irritation of the skin, and here is no exception. Having a breast reduction will afford women more comfort in summer and ensure that they avoid the misery of chafing.

So whatever the reason you are suffering with larger breasts, there is a benefit to you in considering a reduction. For further details, visit the website of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons

This health and beauty feature was written by Hannah Matthew, expert health writer.

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