Why Smoking Cigarettes Should Be Stopped and Avoided

Have you been smoking for quite some time? If yes, can you think of positive things that smoking was able to contribute in your life? You might not be able to list one except for its temporary stress relieving and warming effects. But don’t you know that the smoking didn’t contribute any relaxing effect to yourself at that time? It was all in your mind and contrary to your belief, smoking increases your heart thus stressing you more.

Cigarette smoking has been linked to a lot of various fatal diseases especially those that involve the respiratory system. In fact, ninety percent of lung cancer cases are being linked to cigarette smoking. It constricts the airway thus causing an elevation in the smoker’s blood pressure.

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Furthermore, the carbon monoxide content of these cigars deprives the human body from its needed oxygen and that is definitely not good.

After knowing all these horrible things that cigarette smoking is causing, have you decided to stop smoking now? If yes, seek medical help in order to do it properly. You might experience withdrawal syndrome and to avoid such is to stop it gradually. Herbal smoke is also of great help. These are several herbs to choose from and in time you’ll get used to it. These days, there are already herbal smoke shops approved by the FDA for those who want to have some cigar alternatives.

Cigarette smoking is really something that should be stopped and avoided no matter what happens. Think about your health and the welfare of your love ones as well.

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