Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Last Tuesday I went to the dentist alone it should be for dental check-up but it turns to be more than that. Honestly I don’t want to go alone because I am bit scared and unused of going to a dentist, but I had a deal with my husband that is he is going to call the dental clinic to set appointment for me and I am  going to go alone or I will set the appointment by going to dental clinic then he will go with me. Well you know how men works they hate waiting so he my husband brought the calling card and ask her co-teacher to set an appointment for me.

The appointment was right that day one hour before the dental clinic closing hours as expected I went there alone and I bit of shaking while waiting for my turn. When my name was called I am instructed to go to one room but as I can’t understand  Hangul and only the dentist knows how to speak English he went to me and tell me not to move when the machine starts to rotate. It turns out it is an dental x-ray machine, so I bite the holder and stand still while the machine is rotating around my face.

Afterwards I went to the main dental room and the doctor check my teeth and I told him the problem even though he is already informed. He asked me if I want it to be extracted, I said yes thinking the pain it may cause if I still continue hanging on it. I don’t want to suffer pain anymore when the sharp edge of my wisdom tooth reach my lower gums because it is painful it simply cut my gums.

So one of her dental assistant injected my gums with dental anesthesia, I am amazed with it because the syringe is connected in a tube. After rinsing my mouth I am asked to lie down again and they put a green cloth on my face where there’s a hole just for my mouth then all I can see is the dentist has a silver dental tool on his hand dunno how it looks like but it looks like a plies to me, he just put it on my wisdom tooth and done.

Actually I am surprised when he told me to bite because I didn’t know it was already finished, yeah right my wisdom tooth was extracted in split of seconds.  So I bite the gauze/cotton and I asked him if he is going to prescribed anything, and of course I am not going to went out with having my extracted wisdom tooth. Lol, yes I asked them if I can bring it home. I was surprised to see it with three root.,

Anyway I went to the counter to pay, didn’t really noticed the amount maybe still dozed of the anesthesia I just handed my husband’s credit card, and the secretary also handed me a note to follow and the prescription. At first I thought it is just a receipt so I went back to see Dr. Choi again and asked him the prescription but when I look at the paper I ended up asking him what are the medicines he prescribed to me.

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