Working Out in the Gym

The weather is getting colder these past few days, it’s chilly every time we go to the gym I would like to wear my jacket but it is not winter yet and it is embarrassing if other people saw me in a winter jacket. I have a sweatshirt but there’s a hole in it, I am thinking of sewing it by adding chenille patches for letter jackets to cover the hole, great idea isn’t it?


The windows at the gym tonight were all closed it is quite unusual because the gym owner doesn’t close the window even in winter but when we started on cardio an awful smell from the outside made us sick it smells like a sewage, now we know why he closed all the windows.

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  1. Deli says:

    Your post reminds me that I have been quite slack in doing some exercise 🙂 That’s great that even the cold weather is not stopping you from your work-out schedule.

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